Andra - Love Can Save It All (Official Video)
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HD Andra - Love Can Save It All (Official Video)

Легендарный Я 744 ролика


Available now on Spotify:

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Music by Constantin Bodea, Elena Morosanu, Diana Moraru, Serban Cazan

Lyrics by Elena Morosanu, Diana Moraru

Directed by Alex Ceausu

Scenario: Aiana Dinu, Alex Ceausu

VFX: Cristi Smarandoiu

Photo: Anca & Victor (Wise Events Foto)

Alex Ceausu Facebook:

Wise Events Foto Facebook:

HaHaHa Production Online:


Verse 1:

Part of me

Is part of you

So take my hand

I want you to feel

Words you can’t hear

I love you so

And you love me

So tell me why

Why does it feel

Like we’re thousand miles apart


For better or for worse you stood next to me

Always found a way not to give up on me

Remember when you used to say


You know our love can save it all

We’ve been together for so long

So don’t give up on who we are

We’ll work it out somehow

You know a word can change it all

I had my doubts but now i know

I wanna be with you for life

Each day and every night

Because our love can save it all

Verse 2:

I wish there was

Another me

Another you

So we could go back

To the point where we met

Another place

Another chance

We’ll make it right

So meet me halfway

I know you feel the same


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